The pub was originally built to the north side of a Quakers Meeting House and it is believed that the Quakers Burial ground is in the garden at the rear of the pub.
From as early as 1760 there was public house on the site that is now The Pony and Trap. It was first known as the Admirals Hawke and Blakeney. Hawke being the Admiral who defeated the French at Quiberon Bay in 1759 and was a national hero of the time.
The name was changed to The Commercial Inn around 1878. However, in 1976, the landlord wanted a sign for the pub and found it difficult to design, it was decided to honour a local character and re-name the pub The Pony and Trap. Mr Obie Luxton ran a courier business with his horse and cart. His horse “Snowball” was stabled at the back of the pub in what is now the Skittle Alley for many years and Mr Luxton lived nearby.The original photographs of the unveiling ceremony are on the wall of the bar



Today, The Pony and Trap is a small local pub providing excellent beer and cider as well as good food.

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The Pony and Trap Cullompton